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SUNDOG, Kansas City's premier instrumental rock band, is booking gigs for 2017. This professional three-piece group has been playing KC's best music venues and special events for 19 years: Knuckleheads, Uptown Theatre, Kansas Speedway, Crossroad's First Fridays, Wichita Art Museum, and Charity Events. Not your average cover band. If you're looking for something completely different for your next event, check out SUNDOG.

Three-plus hours of reverb-drippin', guitar-driven, surf-inspired instrumental rock. If you like Dick Dale, Los Straitjackets, The Mermen, Link Wray or The Ventures... you'll love SUNDOG.  (All of the above information is completely true, what follows should be taken at face value - and we wear masks.)

Sundog made the paper with our "wordless surf music" when we played for the Buddy's Ride event in Pleasant Hill.

Sundog made the paper with our "wordless surf music" when we played for the Buddy's Ride event in Pleasant Hill.

New Videos from Sundog

West Bottoms Car Show

Sundog played the West Bottoms Car Show September 28, 2013. Cars, Mini-Bike races, Zombie Pin-Up Girls - a Sundog kind of event.

Send Us Your Photos

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Sundog is Photogenic

Kill Devil Club - 11/1/12

Fun First Friday Photos

First Friday Event

In the 112 degree heat of a Kansas City summer, Sundog sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream getting wasted in the heat, hidding on the backstreets at 18th & Baltimore playing for crowds at another First Friday event.  As always, all apologies to the families with children who were traumatized and thanks to the girls in their summer clothes.

Unanticipated CD Planned

Sundog is working on a tribute CD dedicated to Yorgi, the master of the konservnaya banka – a deceptively simple folk instrument fashioned from a tin can, a stick, and a single string. 

Yorgi is known to untold dozens of people for his 35 classic albums released on Clubbo Records.  "Uncovering these old songs for a CD of covers was way easier than writing our own music,"  says Sundog bassist Steve "Dr. 360" Svancara. 

"I've got everything ready for us to start recording at Sundog Studios"  boasts Butch Herrman, Sundog's drummer.  "Well, except for clearing it with the authorities. We don't want any of that trouble like last time."

Guitarist, Rick "Manos" Bernauer, is excited about the new project. "I think this will really show what we can do with our instruments. After all, Yorgi played it all on 1 string - we've got like 9 or 10 times that, plus drums."

The band is also planning a cover of the Clubbo Records recurring favorite "Yeah Yeah No No No."

"It will be based on the '65 version by Marilyn Kaye - not the '73 version which is total crap," says Rick. "But Butch does like the drum sounds from the 1985 version."
Sundog rolling tone magazine cover

Tour Dates

Sundog is preparing for a European tour and summer dates with OzzFest, Lollapalooza, and Lilith Fair. No European dates have been scheduled and no one has asked them to play at any of the festivals, but the band likes to be prepared.

Sundog Event Posters

Created by Sundog's own graphic wizard - Steve "Dr. 360" Svancara

Sundog first friday 06 02 2017 poster
Thanks to everyone who surfed the crowd with Sundog at the Kansas City First Friday event.  Special thanks to the fine ladies who showed everyone how to do the Twist in proper style.  All apologies to the nice family - we didn't mean to scare your kids. (There shouldn't be any permanent psychological damage that they won't grow out of in a year or two.) 


Apocalypse Later, Surf Now