About Us

Rick "Manos" Bernauer:
Rick's played in various bands over more years than he cares to (can) remember.  Somewhere around 1997 he met Bryan and Steve when he joined them as a fill-in guitar player for their band.  One day Rick said "Guys, we need to play surf instrumentals and spread the surf gospel to the landlocked Midwest."  The rest, as they say, is History or at least it happened.   More...

Steve "Dr. 360" Svancara:
A transplant from the arid wasteland known as Arizona, Steve is attempting to re-hydrate by drinking anything someone sets in front of him.  Also known as Dr. 360 for his amazing ability to veer off in a random direction without notice.  Fans may also recognize Steve as "Mr. Blue" in the movie "Reservoir Dogs" - but that was somebody else.

Bryan "Butch" Herrman:
Little is known about Butch, and less spoken about him if you know what's good for you.

Sundog In History